SIENA Creative Photo Awards 2020 : Won an award!

JUMPEI TAINAKA / 2020/06/30

【SIENA Creative Photo Awards 2020 : Won an award!】

I’m honoured to announce that my work has been awarded at one of the world’s leading photo contests.

“Artificial Mountains_Shinjuku,15:35:10.00”

According to Forbes magazine, more than 24000 fabulous works from more than 100 countries was applied into 16 categories.
I feel very proud and thankful that I have won this prestigious award “Commended” in the professional category of Architecture.

I admit I’m not very good at this kind of competition (maybe it’s something like exams?), but about a year ago I decided to conquer my weak point.
Since then I’ve been doing my best to find time to apply, and my works have been awarded or nominated at most of competitions. Then I got this results.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my friends for your support that make me brave to continue my journey and my photography work reach every corner of the world.
Stay tuned!


6月15日発表がありました。イタリア・シエナ発のCreative Photo Award 2020のARCHITECTURE部門で数ある力作揃いの最中、

Artificial Mountains_Shinjuku,15:35:10.00



1st classified、Runner up、Highly commended、Commended←これに選ばれました。


JUMPEI TAINAKA / タイナカジュンペイ