Artist / Bard / Director / Fotograf

Born in 1982, based in Düsseldorf and Tokyo.

Having come across Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” at the age of 17, I devoted myself to literature and developed a longing for Europe. From there, I learned myths, religions, literature, philosophy, history, and paintings, and finally realised studying in Germany when I was 20 years old. During the stay, I set a goal to see 100 cities in Germany and traveled all over the country, from major cities to small villages. After returning to Japan and graduating from the university, I once worked for a business company but soon realised it was certainly impossible to give up my dream of expressing a sense of romance rising up in myself like  magma.  So I decided to head in the direction of creative activities. Through writing words (novels) and spitting out words (plays), I started to devote myself deep into photographs that were intuitively completed without the need for even one word.  Gradually it became the centre of my life. Moved to Germany exactly ten years after I had set foot in the country for the first time, as married to a German woman whom I had met back then. After eight years of the marriage, the path was split, unfortunately.  But I’m currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany, second base in Tokyo, Japan and travel back and forth between here and Japan… and every corner of the world. Having accumulated  numerous experiences and thoughts, I am now challenging fundamental themes which close in on the world and the inner nature of human beings such as “what is a ‘city’?”, “who are you?” etc. Therefore I continue my endless journey to find answers while capturing an enormous amount of words and information contained in the world seen through the viewfinder and taking pictures of the process and the story leading up to the very moment when I actually release the shutter.



Japanese, German and English

2002           Martin Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg

2005           Reitaku University, Linguistics Department, German Major

APL 2008   Freelance Photographer

FEB 2013   Moved to Hamburg, Germany

MAR 2022 Moved to Düsseldorf, Germany


2021      Creative Photo Awards 2020 

              “Alone in the Sky-High” Professional / Abstract – Commended

2020      Budapest International Foto Awards 2020

              “Dear My Beloved” Professional / Architecture – Silver

              “Dancing Nymph in Hades” Professional / Fine Art – Honorable Mention

              Creative Photo Awards 2020 

              “Artificial Mountains” Professional / Architecture – Commended

              15th BLACK & WHITE SPIDER AWARDS

               “GOTHAM” Professional / Aerial – Honorable Mention

               “A Wanderer, ever after” Professional / Silhouette – Honorable Mention

               “Laughing Dragon” Professional / Architecture – Honorable Mention

               “Water Flame” Professional / Abstract – Nominated

               “Hide & Seek” Professional / Silhouette – Nominated

               “(not) alone” Professional / Silhouette – Nominated


               “Succubus in the black water” Professional / Nude Nominated

               “Eternalscape : Elbe I” Professional / Abstract Nominated


               “Alien in the dark forest” Professional / Nature – Honorable Mention

               “FURIOUS” Professional / Abstract – Nominated


               “Shinjuku – Artificial Mountains” Architectural – Nominated

2017      Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION

               “Shout and Liberation” – Professional / Fine Art / Nudes – Honorable Mention
               “TRUMP UP” – Professional / Abstract– Honorable Mention

2011      86th KOKUTEN – Masters Of Modern Japanese Art

               “ – Sorrow” Photography – Nominated and Exhibited at The National Art Center Tokyo



SEP 2019     歴程 – Der Progress nach Jenseits – (not) alone Gallery West, Tokyo / Japan

JUL 2019     TV Series “Sujibori – Photo Exhibition” Shinjuku OphthalmologistGANKA Gallery, Tokyo / Japan

MAY 2019   “歴程 – Der Progress nach Jenseits 断片 – 11111110110101111110111_02”  Nippon Connection, Frankfurt / Germany

MAR 2019   “The Crawling Ourselves” Harajuku Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo / Japan
MAR 2019   “歴程 – Der Progress nach Jenseits 断片 – 11111110110101111110111_01” MI Gallery, Osaka / Japan

OCT 2018    “Exhibition Tour: Scenery from the other side (Osaka & Hamburg, sister cities 30th pre anniversary event)” Osaka City Hall, Osaka City Central Public Hall and Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc., Osaka / Japan

JUN 2017     “ABSTRACT/REFLECT/TRANSPARENT” Frankfurt / Germany

OCT 2016     “REEPERBAHN Beginn der unendliche Nacht” Gallery Public, Osaka / Japan

OCT 2016     “BERLIN – ein Lügner gegen den Zeitgeist” Gallery KatzAshiya, Hyogo / Japan

OCT 2014     “Silence Within Bustle” Osaka City Hall, Osaka / Japan

SEP 2014      “Osaka & Hamburg, sister cities 25th anniversary: Silence Within Bustle” Enokojima Art,

                       Culture and Creative Center, Osaka / Japan


AUG 2015    “Art Event Shimane 2015” Special Exhibition -Town-, Shimane / Japan

NOV 2014    “46. Hamburger Fototage” Hamburg Haus, Hamburg / Germany

SEP 2014     “Tokyo & Berlin, Sister Cities 20th Anniversary Exhibition” Rotes Rathaus, Berlin / Germany

JUMPEI TAINAKA / タイナカジュンペイ